Mar 18 2019 -
Free Premium!
Hi, every Accounts get from us a Free 30Days Premium.
Remember that another 3 players who earn 100 level get 1.500 Tibia Coins
All what You have to do after when u achieve 100 level, is that You have to take a screenshot with the message that You actually promote from 99lvl to 100lvl.
All screenshot's You can send at also sending the screen please include your login ID.

Mar 18 2019 -
New Items
New items are added to the in-game store, and the next of them will be added at Saturday after 22:00 server time.



Mar 12 2019 -
Coint Currency
Today we change the currency from EURO at PLN. New prices for Tibia Coins You can see after when You log in at Your's game accounts.

Mar 08 2019 -
Small Update!
Hello dear Players, many of You was worry about AutoLoot system at our server, so we made it tonight. Now You all can use "autoloot" using few commands giving below.

!autoloot add, itemId or name -- Adding a item to the list
!autoloot remove, itemId or name -- Removing a item from the list
!autoloot show -- Show the autoLoot list
!autoloot clear -- Clears the autoLoot list

Hope You all enjoy with our quick loot as You wish to have it.

Mar 03 2019 -
Hello guys after, a few days without any of the donations ways where You all can buy Tibia Coins. Finally we find the problem, which forced us to disable PayPal payments.
Now everything working perfect!

Also we upload a new link to donwload our Client, because we got new players registered but they never login into the game. I wish to know if You guys have a problem to login by our client or anything, so please if You have any trouble with it Post a new thread at our forum. Where we can help for You to solve most of the problems.

Download Hekan Client

Mar 01 2019 -
Give away!
Hello guys, today we have to offer a:
1500 Tibia Coins for first 5 pleayers who reach 100 character level.
3000 Tibia Coins for first player who reach 250 character level.

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